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Here’s How To Keep Home Remodeling Costs Down

Kicking off a home remodeling project can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. As you prepare to upgrade one of your biggest investments, you want to make sure you stay on budget — and preferably even under it.

As most people are aware, however, home remodeling costs can quickly spiral out of control. At Nu Look Home Design, we’ve received more than one phone call from a frazzled homeowner who started an ambitious home renovation project on their own, only to end up overwhelmed by the sheer scope and cost of the job.

To avoid breaking the bank with unexpected home remodeling costs, here are several tips to keep in mind.

To Keep Home Remodeling Costs Down, Go With a Pro

The United States is a can-do, DIY nation. These days, do-it-yourself has become its own industry. The same pioneering spirit that inspired early Americans to settle untamed lands and explore a sprawling new continent still drives folks today. People are told they can do just about anything on their own, from preparing their own taxes to installing a new roof. There are even entire television networks devoted to teaching you how to paint, spackle, and renovate your way to an improved home.

In many cases, however, DIY isn’t the best option. Most major home remodeling projects are best left to the professionals, who have the tools, training, and experience to handle unexpected problems.

Home remodeling can also pose dangers to a non-professional. For example, any project that involves a home’s electrical system could use a pro’s knowledge and skill.

Similarly, a roof installation demands proper safety equipment and experience. Falls are the second leading cause of accidental death worldwide — only car accidents claim more lives. Protect yourself by leaving major home remodeling projects to the experts.

Consider Moving Your Project to a Slow Construction Season

According to Home Advisor, certain times of year are considered prime home remodeling season. The summer months are a peak time for both new home construction as well as upgrades, as many homeowners try to knock out projects while the kids are on vacation from school. The weeks between Thanksgiving and the December holidays are also popular for home upgrades, as people try to squeeze in projects while they have time off from work. As a result, home remodeling costs tend to spike during these times.

As you plan your project, keep an eye on prices for labor and materials. If you can push your renovation to a slower time of year, you can save on home remodeling costs.

Plan Your Project Around Standard Sizes

If possible, stick to standard sizes and off-the-shelf dimensions. In most cases, standard sizes — such as those for windows, doors, and kitchen cabinets — are going to be more budget-friendly than items you have to custom order.

Of course, this won’t always be possible. For example, if you live in a Victorian home with a 150-year-old foundation that has settled over the decades, chances are you aren’t going to find a square window in the entire home.

However, if you can plan your project around the manufacturer’s standard sizes, you can save money and probably even some time.

Expect the Unexpected

In recent years, programs that feature house-flipping have become popular. In these shows, an investor typically teams with a contractor to purchase a troubled property, quickly renovate it, and put it back on the market, where it hopefully sells for a profit.

Fans of these programs know that what starts out as an easy project almost always ends up complicated by serious hidden issues, such as a cracked foundation, moldy basement, or rotted roof. In most cases, these surprise problems add weeks of labor and thousands of dollars to the overall price tag.

Before you start knocking down walls or ripping off shingles, consult with a professional. Home construction pros have the experience to spot potential problem areas you might miss. An expert can help you budget for needed repairs and create a comprehensive plan that allows you to manage home remodeling costs as your renovation unfolds.

Let Us Help You With Your Next Home Remodeling Project

At Nu Look Home Design, we want you to fall in love with your home all over again. Call us to learn how we can help you transform your property. Contact us today to discuss your home remodeling project.

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