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How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels?

How Long Does it Take to Install Solar PanelsAt Nu Look Solar, many of the homeowners that reach out to us are dipping their toe into the solar pool for the first time. They have lots of questions and we do our best to provide thorough answers so they can make informed decisions about their home upgrades. One of the most common questions we get is: How long does it take to install solar panels? We tell them it depends on the number of panels and their home’s roof style, but generally between one and three days. But that’s not usually what they’re really asking. What they actually want to know is: How long will it take before I’m reaping the benefits of a solar power system. And that is a much different question.

Let’s Take it Step by Step

First, it’s important to understand that investing in a solar power system isn’t like other home improvement projects where a single company handles everything. This is a collaborative process that requires both the local government and the utility to sign off on it. The time it takes to complete each of the following steps can vary significantly, but we’ll try to be as specific as possible.

Site Preparation

To make things simpler, we’ll focus on what happens after the contract has been signed. If your roof is in good condition, your electrical system up to snuff, and the tree canopy above your home cut back enough to provide adequate exposure, this step will take no time at all. Congratulations! You may proceed to the next section. If, however, your roof needs replacing, trees need to be trimmed, or electrical systems upgraded, this could take one to three weeks to complete.

Local Permitting

Before any work can be done, we have to file a permit with the city or municipality. We’ll do this as soon as you sign your contract, but it generally takes between one week and one month to get approval. And once your solar panels have been installed, a local representative will have to come out and conduct an inspection. This will be the first of two (see below), and typically takes an additional week.


Nu Look Solar technicians will quickly and flawlessly install your solar panels and integrate them into your electrical system. What’s more, if your roof needs replacing, we can handle that renovation as well, which will spare you the hassle of having to contract with a separate roofing company.

Final Approval

Once your solar panels have been installed, we’ll submit documents to your utility company requesting they connect your system to the grid. This takes one to two weeks. Then someone from the utility has to come out and install a bi-directional meter to track how much power your system is producing. That could take another two to four weeks.

Have you been keeping track? When you add everything up you can expect the entire process to take between two and three months on average. But at Nu Look Solar, we think it’s well worth the wait to enjoy decades of dramatically reduced electric bills! Reach out to us today to learn more about having solar panels installed at your home.

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