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Re-Roofing 101: What It Is & When You Should Do It

What is the difference between re-roof and new roof

The roof is one of the most important components of a house and likely the largest investment you’ll make in your home. Luckily, when installed and maintained properly, new roofs provide some of the largest returns on investments of all home improvements, often retaining as much as 80% of their cost during resale.

If you’ve spent some time looking for a roofing company in Mount Laurel, NJ, you’ve probably noticed that some of them offer both re-roofing and roof replacement services. If you’re like most homeowners, you probably aren’t sure what the difference is between these two services or how to figure out which one is right for you.

We’re here to help! In the following article, we’ll answer some common questions about re-roofing that will give you a deeper understanding of what this service entails and when it should be used. Keep reading to learn more.

What is the difference between re-roofing and a new roof?

Re-roofing is the fastest and least expensive way to restore the appearance and functionality of your roof. This is because, instead of removing old shingles or building a new underlying structure, the roofers will simply install a new layer of shingles over the old ones.

This not only provides an extra protective layer that helps prevent leaks and improves the insulation of your home but also hides the old shingles and makes your roof look new once again. The key advantages of re-roofing include reduced cost and faster installation times compared to regular roof replacement.

Re-roofing can greatly increase both the functionality and the curb appeal of your property, making it an excellent option regardless of whether you intend to stay at your home or sell it in the foreseeable future.

Is it OK to put shingles on top of old shingles?

It depends. If your roof only has a single layer of shingles, then it’s a candidate for re-roofing. However, if you’ve already re-roofed it once, your local building codes and laws may prevent you from adding a third layer of shingles.

These laws exist mainly as a safety measure. The reality is that every new layer of shingles puts additional stress on the roof structure it’s installed on, and having more than two layers significantly increases the risk of serious problems or even a collapse down the road.

How long does a re-roof last?

When installed by professionals and properly ventilated, an asphalt shingle roof can be expected to last 20-25 years on average. In case of a re-roof, however, how long it lasts will also depend on the age and condition of the underlying structure as well.

The best way to maximize the value you get from your re-roof is to reach out to a licensed roofing contractor and schedule an on-site consultation at your property. The experts will carefully assess your roof during a 90-minute visit and propose optimal solutions based on your needs, budget, and the state of the supporting structure.

What’s a trusted roofing company in Mount Laurel, NJ & other parts of the Mid-Atlantic?

How long does a re-roof last

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