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How To Prepare for a Roof Replacement: 5 Time-Tested Tips

How do I prepare my roof for replacementRoof replacement is a major home improvement project that will affect your comfort and your property’s aesthetics, value, and energy efficiency for decades to come. Carefully planning out and preparing for your new roof installation is crucial to protect your investment and maximize the effectiveness of your new roof.

We’ve previously listed some of the most common roof-related issues homeowners encounter and discussed a few of the biggest sources of roof damage in Catonsville, MD, and other communities across the Mid-Atlantic. Now we’ll help you ensure your roofing replacement project goes off without a hitch by providing 5 proven tips on how to prepare for a new roof installation. Read on.

How do I prepare my roof for replacement?

First off, hiring a great roofing service provider is the single most effective way to ensure a successful roof replacement. Always choose a long-standing company like Nu Look Home Design that has a verifiable track record and has been certified by established roofing material manufacturers.

These 5 tips will help you ensure a hassle-free roof replacement:

1. Clear out the attic

If you keep any valuable or irreplaceable items in the attic, it’s highly advised that you move them elsewhere for the duration of your roof replacement, or at least cover them with plastic sheets or drop cloths to protect them from dust and debris.

2. Consider taking children and pets elsewhere

Reputable roofing companies are often able to finish an entire roof replacement in just one day. This provides unparalleled convenience and eliminates the need to temporarily relocate your family to a hotel or a friend’s house.

That being said, roof work can be very loud. If you have pets or children who may be sensitive to all the noise, consider taking them elsewhere while the roofers are working. Think of this as an excellent opportunity to visit your relatives or plan a family outing to the Patapsco Valley State Park.

3. Mind your neighbors

Your neighbors will be happy that you’re getting a new roof: after all, projects that increase the value of your home also increase the appeal and value of the entire neighborhood. Just don’t forget to notify them about your upcoming roof replacement. They too may have sensitive pets or children who may be disturbed by the noise that inevitably occurs during roof work and may want to prepare accordingly.

4. Clear out the driveway and sidewalks

Your roofers will need ready access to your roof to do their job. By moving any outdoor furniture to the side and parking your vehicles elsewhere, you’ll not only give them the access they need but also protect your belongings from falling dust or debris.

5. Switch off the sprinkler system

The last thing you want is to accidentally soak your new roofing materials or give your roofers a shower. While you’re at it, consider marking the sprinkler heads with colorful tape. This will keep them from getting accidentally stepped on and make everyone’s lives easier.

Where in Catonsville, MD & other parts of the Mid-Atlantic can I find reliable roofing services?

Where in Catonsville, MD & other parts of the Mid-Atlantic can I find reliable roofing servicesAre you looking to enhance your home with a brand new roof? Or perhaps you’re in need of a trusted company that can provide you with the complete range of solar, siding, door, window, and gutter services? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Nu Look Home Design is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor that has been a leading industry player since 2003. Our team of experienced roofers is supremely qualified and able to equip your property in Maryland, New Jersey, or Virginia with a brand new roof in just one day. Contact us today!

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