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8 Simple Ways To Keep Your Roof in Great Condition

Where in Mount Laurel & other parts of the mid-atlantic can I hire a reliable rooferRoof replacement or repair is a major project not many people in Mount Laurel and other New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland communities can easily afford. Luckily, by keeping an eye on your roof and having it regularly maintained by an experienced roofer, you can keep your property in excellent condition at all times

To help you maintain a healthy and clean roof, we have prepared a list of 8 tried-and-true ways to prevent serious problems and make sure your roof looks its best all year long. Read on.

How do you maintain a roof?

Regular checkups are a key element of roof maintenance. Seasonal or annual inspections will catch minor problems before they can escalate and cause costly damages not only to your roof but to other parts of your property as well. 

Consider these 8 time-tested roof maintenance tips:

1. Bring a drone (if possible)

By far the easiest way to examine every inch of your roof is by using a drone. In addition to being convenient, this approach also removes the risk of injury that comes with climbing onto your roof yourself. Just make sure the weather isn’t too rough before you take the drone out for a spin!

2. Pay attention to the shingles

If you see any missing or damaged shingles, repair or replace them ASAP. Regular cleaning and maintenance will also prevent bacteria and algae infestations that can cause deeper damage to the structure of your roof.

3. Don’t forget the roof sealant

If you spot signs of cracking or wear on the sealed areas of your roof, you will need to strip the damaged sealant from the problematic areas and reseal them using a new sealant.

4. Check for leaks in the attic

Go to the attic and check for signs of water damage. Moldy, wet, or deflated insulation, dark spots or discoloration on the attic floor, and musty smells are all telltale signs of a leaky roof.

5. Make sure there’s no rust

Inspect any metallic parts for signs of corrosion or rust. If rust spots are present, use a wire brush to remove them before priming and painting the affected surfaces. 

6. Trim overhanging branches

Remove any tree branches that are hanging very close to your roof or directly over it. This will not only keep branches from breaking off and falling on your roof but also reduce the amount of organic material (leaves, fruit, animal droppings, etc.) that can end up on your roof and weaken its structure as they rot.

7. Do NOT ignore ice dams

A roof should be properly insulated so that it stays at the same temperature as the exterior environment. This will keep snow from melting and forming ice dams on your roof. Failing to address this problem can severely damage your roof and result in expensive repairs.

8. Keep gutters clean and debris-free

Dirt and debris buildup will cause your gutters to become clogged, which will in turn cause water to accumulate inside them and potentially seep into the roofing structure. Regular gutter cleaning and maintenance will prevent this from happening while also keeping your gutters healthy.

How do you maintain a roofWhere in Mount Laurel & other parts of the Mid-Atlantic can I hire a reliable roofer?

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