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Warning Signs of an Unsafe Roof

Few home disasters are as costly, damaging, and potentially dangerous as a roof collapse. If you’ve been putting off replacing your roof, it’s important to know the difference between a tired, worn-out roof and one that’s in danger of failing.

Here are five major red flags that your roof is unsafe and should be replaced as soon as possible.

1.   The Roof Is Sagging

Any signs of sagging — interior or exterior — should be investigated promptly. On the inside of the home, pay attention to any pipes or ductwork pulling away from mounts on the ceilings. A sagging roof shifts the angles of the roof’s slope, which creates an excessive downward force that can cause pipes and conduits to move as collapse threatens.

On the outside, watch for sagging areas, such as a dip in the roof’s plane or bowing in the roofline. If any areas of your roof feel soft or springy when you walk on them, call a roofing contractor right away, as this is usually a sign of damage that extends all the way down to the decking. You should also stay off the roof if you notice any signs of sagging or damage.

2.   Leaks

Leaks are usually more noticeable than other types of roofing damage. Although some leaks can be fixed with a patch or other repair work, other leaks indicate more widespread damage.

Any time water is finding its way inside your home, you should have an experienced roofing contractor perform a thorough inspection. A roofing pro will be able to locate moisture entry points and let you know whether you can get away with a repair, or if it’s time for a new roof. Your roofing expert will also be able to give you an estimate on the lifespan of your roof, from the state of the decking to the remaining duration of shingles.

3.   Doors and Windows That Stick or Won’t Operate Properly

If you’re having trouble with a door or window that suddenly “sticks” or is difficult to open or shut, the source of the problem could be right above your head.

Although all homes settle, and doors and windows can be affected by even subtle changes in humidity, a door or window that starts sticking or jamming out of nowhere might indicate structural shifts that should be addressed right away.

4.   Buckling or Cracked Ceilings

In some cases, the only signs of an impending roof collapse are visible on the inside. If you notice ripples, cracks, or buckling in your home’s ceilings, it might be time to replace your roof. Although few people want to spend money on a new roof, it’s better to upgrade to a new roof design now than to allow further moisture damage on the inside.

5.   Cracks in Masonry

Cracking or crumbling brickwork can indicate a host of problems — and not all of them roof-related. If you see cracks and outward displacement in the masonry under the eaves, however, this could indicate that the masonry is being stressed by a roof that is spreading outward. You should consult with a roofing pro to determine if your roof is in danger of collapse.

Call Nu Look Home Design To Learn More

If you suspect your roof is unsafe, don’t wait to call an experienced roofing installer. A roof collapse isn’t just costly or inconvenient — it can be deadly. Call Nu Look Home Design today to schedule a free in-home roofing inspection.

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