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What Is a Roofing Warranty?

It’s no secret that warranties often sound better than they are. Companies want to make you feel confident about their products, but they also want to maximize their profit and minimize their liability. Many are all too happy to let consumers believe their warranties are more comprehensive than they really are.

For roofing in particular, it’s important to understand how warranties work, because the health of your roof protects the value of your home. Uninformed consumers who think a 30-Year Warranty means they don’t have to worry about their roof for 30 years can be in for a shocking (and expensive) surprise. Here’s what you need to know about roofing warranties.

The Two Types of Roofing Warranties

The two things that determine the quality of your roof are the materials and the workmanship, and each typically has its own warranty. The materials are covered by a manufacturer warranty, which protects against defective shingles failing prematurely. For example, our Platinum Protection Roofing System Limited Warranty is a 50-year 100% warranty provided by Owens Corning. When we build you a roof over a single-family home using their premium materials, the materials are completely covered against defects for 50 years, with prorated coverage after that.

The other major factor in roofing performance is the workmanship. We provide a lifetime warranty on the work we do. That means in the unlikely event that a mistake we made causes your roof to fail, we’ll repair the work, reinstall the shingles, or refund the cost.

What Roof Warranties Cover, and What They Don’t

While roofing warranties protect against defects, these days material defects are rare. Provided you choose products from a quality manufacturer, there’s the very little risk your shingles will age or decay prematurely.

Sloppy work is a bigger risk, which makes workmanship warranties important. They show you your roofing contractor stands behind their work, and ensure you’ll be fairly compensated if your house starts leaking because your roof was improperly installed.

However, neither of them covers wear and tear. Your roof undergoes all sorts of stress — rain, snow, and ice wear it down over time. Bad storms can pelt it with branches or tear off shingles. No roofing company can guarantee your roof will resist a hurricane, a falling tree limb, or even an extremely persistent squirrel, so it’s unlikely that they will cover such events. If your home does suffer damage due to a storm or any other act of nature, it is worth contacting your homeowner’s insurance to see if they cover the damage, however.

 At the end of the day, your roof’s biggest enemy isn’t faulty craftsmanship, defective materials, or weather—it’s neglect. Over time, debris can start to clog your gutters, and prevent your roof from properly draining, which can lead to damage, particularly in the winter. Small problems that would be easy to fix, like cracked flashing or a damaged shingle can end up leading to major structural problems if they’re not caught quickly.

Barring a major disaster, your roof really will last for fifty years, but it takes maintenance. Have your gutters cleaned annually, and your house will stay cozy and dry for many years to come.

You Need To Inspect and Service Your Roof Regularly

Warranties are important, but they’re only one factor in keeping your roof healthy. With quality materials, a reputable roof contractor, and regular servicing, your roof will perform for many decades.

Contact Us at Nu Look Home Design to learn how our high-quality work and strong warranties can protect your investment, guaranteed. 

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