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The Future of Roofing: New Trends & Technologies

Where in Maple Shade, NJ & other parts of the Mid-Atlantic can I find a trusted roof serviceTechnology always marches on. No matter how amazing what we have today may seem, sooner or later it’s going to be replaced by something even more advanced and cost-effective. Roofing technologies are by no means an exception to this rule.

If you’re a homeowner in Maple Shade, NJ, and the surroundings who’s planning to call in a roof service to replace their roof, learning about these new technologies can help you make a more informed decision and ensure your new roof meets your needs.

In past articles, we discussed the impact water damage can have on asphalt roofing, explored some of the most popular roof types in the US, and provided a quick rundown of how modern asphalt shingles are manufactured. Now we’ll take a look at how new technologies may revolutionize roofing in the future. Read on.

What is the new type of roofing?

Technological advancements are slowly revolutionizing both the roofs themselves and the way roofing contractors go about assessing, maintaining, and installing roofing systems. Here are some of the major new technologies to keep an eye on:

Cool roofs

Cool roofing materials are designed to reflect as much of the sun’s heat away from a building as possible, rather than absorbing it the way most traditional roofing materials do. This helps keep your property cooler, which in turn increases its energy efficiency by requiring less energy to be spent on cooling. It also prolongs the life of a roof by minimizing damage caused by sunlight.

Green roofs

As their name implies, green roofs are designed to be covered by plants. They contain a waterproofing layer, a drainage system, a roof barrier, and space to grow vegetation. They can even include entire gardens, complete with water features.

This creates a sustainable alternative to traditional roofing that gives a property a wholly unique look and can be extremely beneficial to the environment.

Solar shingles

There’s no question that solar energy is the future. So far, this has mostly taken the shape of solar panels that were installed on top of existing roofing shingles. Solar shingle technology takes this a step further by combining photovoltaics with other roofing materials to form solar shingles.

This enables homeowners to basically turn their entire roofs into massive solar panels. In addition to maximizing energy gains, this also opens up endless possibilities for building gorgeous, modern-looking roofs without making any compromises on energy efficiency.


Advancements in robot technology are also revolutionizing the way roofers work and roofing materials are made. Robotic rovers are being used increasingly often to examine damaged roofs and estimate costs. Some robots are even capable of installing certain components during roof replacement projects.

This not only makes life easier for the roofers, but also means that roofing services as a whole are going to become more streamlined and therefore more convenient for homeowners.

Where in Maple Shade, NJ & other parts of the Mid-Atlantic can I find a trusted roof service?

What is the new type of roofingAt Nu Look Home Design, we can proudly say we’re the leading roofing company in New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia. Our emphasis on customer satisfaction has earned us numerous accolades over the years, including our Owens Corning Product Excellence for years 2016 through 2020 and our 2013 to 2019 Guild Quality Guild Master Award.

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