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What Are the 6 Most Popular Types of Roofs & Why?

Which type of roofing is bestSo you’ve decided to upgrade your property in Maple Shade, NJ, with a new roof. Excellent decision! Hiring experienced roofers to update your home is a great way to boost its long-term functionality, value, and curb appeal.

Before proceeding with the roof installation, however, you should familiarize yourself with the top 6 most frequently used roof designs and how they affect your choice of roofing materials. Keep reading to learn more.

What are the types of roofs?

Different kinds of roofs can have a huge effect not only on the aesthetics of your property, but also on its overall value, energy efficiency, weatherproofing, and available storage or living space. Furthermore, having a trendy roof style can make your place more appealing to prospective buyers.

Consider these 6 popular roof types:


This is the first thing most people envision when they hear the word “roof”. It’s the standard triangular shape with the base resting atop the structure and the two sides rising until they meet at the ridge. Its versatility, elegant simplicity, and efficiency make it one of the go-to roof designs today.


Also known as a “barn roof”, this style has two slopes on each side, one gentle and one steep. This allows for the upper floor to be used as either a loft or an attic and leaves ample space to add windows or even a balcony.


This is another double-sloped style. Its lower slopes tend to be very steep, while the upper ones are curved or flat. This roof design allows for the full use of the upper floor and provides plenty of space, making it easy to add multiple windows and even dormers.

Clipped gable

Also known as bullnose roofs, clipped gable roofs are built much like standard gable roofs, but with bent-in top peaks. This creates small hips at the ends of the roof ridge, which serves as a great way to showcase high-quality shingles.


A standard hip roof has 4 equal-length slopes that meet at the top to form a short ridge. Variations include half-hip roofs that have two shorter sides with eaves. Since most of the roof is visible from all sides, these types of roofs really benefit from having great-looking shingles.

Dutch gable

These roofs have an additional miniature gable roof (also known as a gablet) that stands atop a regular hip roof. This design provides extra living or storage space in the attic and can have windows added for extra sunlight.

Which type of roofing is best?

In most cases, architectural asphalt shingle roofs offer the best price-to-performance ratio for most residential properties. Also known as 3D or laminate, these asphalt shingles look great, come with a 50-year (lifetime) warranty, and aren’t as expensive as other roofing materials such as slate or wood.

What’s more, specialty asphalt shingles can be designed to look like other types of shingles (eg., slate, cedar shake, etc.). Although they cost more than regular architectural shingles, they’re significantly more affordable than the materials they mimic.

Where in Maple Shade, NJ & the rest of the Mid-Atlantic can I find expert roofers?

What are the types of roofsAre you looking to update your home in Maple Shade with a brand new roof? Or perhaps you’d like to have your roof inspected for water damage? Whatever your roofing needs in New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia, you can’t go wrong by giving Nu Look Home Design a call.

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