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Why Roofing and Solar?


Why roofing and solar? There’s a couple reasons for doing these projects together. Let’s first talk about the life expectancy of the products. So let’s say you take a 30-year old solar panel system and put it over top of a 10-year roof. At some point, you’re going to have to remove those solar panels to replace that roof, and then reinstall the solar panels. The cost of removing the solar panels to reinstall the roof can be expensive. The second thing is this… there are federal tax credits that exist for roof replacement. However, the roof needs to be replaced in order to support solar panels. So you save money on your roof installation and you save money on the solar installation through the federal tax program. The last thing I want to talk about is a single solution for roofing and solar. When we see a roof that has panels on it, we can now remove and reinstall those panels as well as repair your roof. I would look for a solar company like Nu Look that does both.

– Patrick Fingles, CEO of Nu Look Home Design

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