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Will Insurance Cover Your Roof Replacement?

Monitoring the condition of your roof is a critical component of home maintenance. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense towards the elements, and without it, your belongings could suffer serious damage. Many homeowners are unaware that they may qualify to get a roof replacement for just the cost of an insurance deductible. If you’ve observed storm damage in the form of water spots, shingles in your yard, etc., Nu Look Home Design’s Insurance Experts can help inspect your roof, assist with initiating the claim process, and work with the insurance carrier along the way.

Types of Damage Covered by Insurance

Homeowners insurance policies consist of a wide range of coverage criteria. While not all roof damage can be covered by insurance, in many cases, homeowners whose homes have been affected by specific types of damage are entitled to the benefit of roof repair or replacement cost coverage. For example, insurance companies typically do not cover the cost of roof replacement due to normal wear and tear, but most will cover the cost of replacement for damage caused by storms, fires, or other natural disasters.

Contacting The Experts

If you’ve started to notice the warning signs of roof damage, it’s time to contact a professional as soon as possible. It’s important to document the damage right away because insurance companies need to verify that something outside of your control caused the damage to your home. Nu Look Home Design’s Insurance Experts would be happy to take a look at your roof, as we specialize in evaluating storm damage and may notice invaluable details that could result in the insurance company covering a full or partial cost of the roof replacement.

Next Steps

If our Insurance Experts inspect your roof and notice damage that may be covered by insurance, we’ll provide you with the necessary documentation to file a claim with your insurance company. If you are qualified for a roof replacement, we work with the insurance company to evaluate the scope of work that needs to be completed. If you qualify for a full roof replacement, we submit a supplement that the insurance carrier will be asked to cover, resulting in you only being responsible for paying your deductible.

Has your home been affected by storm damage? You may qualify for a roof replacement at little to no cost. Give us a call at 800.279.5300 or email info@nlhd.com and schedule your free estimate to get started.

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