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How to Fix a Drafty Window (and When to Call a Window Service)

Carpenter repairing window frames
Drafty windows can make a home cold, damp and uncomfortable — and make your home heating bills skyrocket in the fall and winter months. In some cases, you can fix a draft with a few basic supplies. Sometimes, however, the only fix for a drafty window is total replacement. Quick Fixes for a Drafty Window If your windows rattle in the wind, or you can’t leave mail on your table without worrying about it blowing ...Read more >

Window Replacement Options: What’s Best for Your Home

Modern white louvre windows let in plenty of light in this modern home
Double-hung or Single-hung? Double-pane or single-pane? What about a custom window? Or a casement window? If you’re considering upgrading your windows, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options available. Today’s windows come in all shapes and sizes, as well as a number of unique and convenient features. Overwhelmed? Don’t worry — Nu Look Home Design is here to help. Here is a comprehensive guide to window replacement options to help you pick windows ...Read more >

How to Know When You Should Replace Your Windows

Window installation worker measuring window with tape
When it comes to windows, most people pay attention to the view outside rather than the window itself. But old and dreary windows can spoil even the most spectacular scenery. If your home's windows are aging, inefficient or dated, it may be time for an upgrade. Here are five things to consider if you're trying to decide between replacing your windows or simply repairing them. 1. Can My Windows Be Repaired? In some cases, it ...Read more >

What Summer Does to Your Roof, Windows, and Gutters

When it comes to wear and tear on a home’s exterior, most people think that winter is the season to keep an eye on. However, the summer months can also be brutal on a house. From asphalt shingles baking in the sun to clogged gutters filling up with rainwater, summertime can take a toll on the outside of your home — and your wallet. The good news is that warm temps make it easier — ...Read more >

How to Measure Replacement Windows for Your Home

Besides saving you hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs, new windows can dramatically improve the look of your home. Once you have accurate measurements, you can estimate the price for new windows for your home and contact a window replacement company for quotes. How to Measure Replacement Windows Before you grab your tape measure, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the various parts of your windows. As with most home improvement projects, being ...Read more >

What Winter Does to Your Roof, Windows, and Gutters

You already know that winter can take a toll on your health, mood and even your waistline — but did you know it can also cause significant wear and tear on your home? Ice, rain, snow and even extreme cold can do a number on your roof, windows and gutters. In many cases, the freeze-thaw cycle can also cause damage. Here are winter weather issues to watch for, as well as ways to protect your ...Read more >