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Solar Panel Systems for Homeowners

If you’re interested in harnessing the sun’s unlimited free energy but don’t know where to start, Nu Look Solar is here to show you the way.

In business since 2003, Nu Look Solar has a full staff of roofing installation professionals with solar expertise, making us the perfect choice to install solar panel systems on roofs. Since our company began, we’ve installed over 30,000 roofs, so we have the experience and knowledge to add a solar system to your existing roof in the most cost-effective way possible. As a matter of fact, we know how to make a solar panel system look attractive thanks to our black-on-black panels and low-profile mounting, which produces a clean look.

Whether you hire us to add a solar panel system on your existing roof or to install a new roof that includes a solar system, you can expect these benefits and more:

  • Significant savings — Solar energy systems greatly reduce or eliminate utility bills.
  • Environmental friendliness—96-98% fewer greenhouse gases will be emitted compared to energy produced by fossil fuels.
  • Energy independence — Solar allows you to produce your own energy.
  • Government incentives — Federal, state, and local incentives are available to help offset the costs of your system.

To learn more about how Nu Look Solar can help you power your home with a solar panel system, contact us today to schedule a solar consultation.

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Nu Look Solar – A Solar Energy Company Dedicated to Providing the Highest-Quality Service & Products Available

Founded in 2003, Nu Look Solar is much more than just a solar energy contractor – we’re your trusted solar energy solutions company. This means you’re getting the support of an entire team, not just one person. Our company provides unparalleled reliability, extensive experience, stringent quality-control standards, easy processes thanks to technology, and the consistency you expect from a company (but won’t get from a mere contractor). We strive to redefine the expectations of what’s possible from a home improvement company by providing a simple, reliable, and transparent system for managing home improvement projects. Our core values guide operations at every level, and the Nu Look team works together by over-communicating with each other and our clients in order to ensure a true, working collaboration. The result? Customers are astonished at how easy the process was for them, how nice everyone at Nu Look is, and how excellent Nu Look’s communication was – all in addition to the industry-leading products we offer. To experience the Nu Look difference for yourself, contact us today to get started on your project!

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