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★★★★★ They did what they said they would do. The insurance company is not doing what they should.
★★★★★ We appreciated the professional installation, flexibility, and responsiveness to our needs.
Review from Chadwick Y.
★★★★★ 5 Stars
Review from Herman F.
★★★★★ Well organized team!
Review from Takele A.
★★★★★ Great service all around...
Review from James G.
★★★★★ Have already done so.
Review from Patricia L.
★★★★★ The team came on time and were professional. Commitments made were honored. The foreman for both the roof and gutter projects worked diligently and efficiently.
Review from Ron L.
★★★★★ Adam Mulvaney was fantastic.
Review from Daoud M.
★★★★★ They did a great job all the way through.
Review from John W.
★★★★★ Nu Look Home Design was top-notch throughout the roof project for my home. They were very professional and always took the time to answer my questions. Whether the account manager, project manager, project coordinator, or roof crew, they always exceeded my expectations. My new roof looks great, and I am very happy.
Review from Bob B.
★★★★★ Adam Mulvaney was I think the single important reason we went with NLHD. He listens, is compassionate, knowledgeable, confident and more importantly is focused on ensuring he does it right by the customer, by promising exactly what he will deliver and goes about delivering it with the help of the NLHD team. That's a powerful way to remove any credibility gaps in a new relationship. We will refer Adam to our friends and family and will call him every time we need more! Ron Lyon, the Project Manager is a very pleasant, thoughtful and knowledgeable person to deal with. He made sure we knew exactly what we were getting at the end of the project and made sure everyone was pulling in the right direction towards the start and completion of the roofing project. Mauricio and his crew (including Alfredo) were just great. They were respectful, professional, on time and pleasant to deal with. They left the property clean and without debris after the new roof was installed. Overall all we had no idea who NLHD was before we started the roofing replacement project. However, we now have seen the wonderful people and the team behind NLHD that make sure they work with integrity, compassion and do an excellent job the very first time.
Review from Prasanna A.
★★★★★ I was super impressed with the professionalism of the estimator and the crew and the speed at which the job was completed.
★★★★★ NuLook got my full roof covered by insurance after a couple others roofers were unsuccessful.
Review from Michael B.
★★★★★ Everything went well. I did not have any issues at all. I highly recommed Nu Look Home Design to others.
Review from Steven B.
★★★★★ Excellent quality work!
Review from Chris E.
★★★★★ They were super easy to get ahold of. They answered all of my questions and gave an abundance of information to make an informed decision during our initial meeting. The quote breakdown process was extremely helpful and super involved and made me completely confident in the decision I was making.
Review from Garen A.
★★★★★ Everything went well. The new roof is beautiful and the staff were very professional and courteous.
Review from Connie B.
★★★★★ It was a very efficient and pleasant operation from start to finish.
Review from Allen R.
★★★ I am not as thrilled about it as I was when I first heard about it and how it came out.
Review from Jacqualyn P.
★★★★★ Nu Look has installed 5 roofs for me and I am pleased with their installation process. They have been a pleasure to work with every time.
★★★★★ The new roof looked great and the worksite was clean at the end of the project. All work was done on time and in one day, as specified by the salesman and project coordinator.
Review from Dick D.
★★★★★ ok
Review from Hiep N.
★★★★★ Everything was done totally professional, from the initial sales meeting to the final follow-up!
Review from John B.
★ Sorry, but I would not recommend this company.
Review from Erica W.
★★★★★ Top quality service!
Review from Analise F.
★★★★★ They explained everything to me, came on schedule, and cleaned beautifully. I haven't had storms, but so far everything seemed fine. I was satisfied with how they negotiated with the insurance company.
Review from Shirley H.
★★★★★ Nu Look Home Design was excellent with my roof installation. I would definitely use them again for home services.
Review from Adriana Z.
★★★★★ NU Look was very professional and efficient.
Review from Matt C.
★★★★★ They did a very efficient job.
Review from George D.
★★★★★ Although it has only been a short time since the roof and gutter system I purchased has been installed, the quality of the work and responsiveness of the company met, and in some cases, exceeded my expectations. Yes, the price is what I would consider above average. In this tone, however, you are getting an above average experience. Roof tear off and installation in ~10 hours and gutter tear off and installation in ~3 hours with excellent craftsmanship, good communication throughout, and a project manager that stopped by each day, in person, to make sure everything was being taken care of. I would choose NuLook again.
Review from Brandon F.
★★★★★ Excellent experience. All personnel were professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. Crews were meticulous in their install and cleanup. We could not find any trash or items left behind. 1 day install was unbelievable for 34 squares.
Review from David G.
★★★★ Be more careful about special requests.
Review from James R.
★ I think the sales pitch of using satellite technology to acutely measure the roof lines, angles, etc. was misseading in our case. It was presented as an actual satellite image would be taken of our rood and we even had to wait a couple of days for this to be scheduled. It turns out they just looked up our house on Google maps and downloaded a picture of the house. I don't know how this could give them the "acurate" measurement we were give to believe would be obtained. Were we charged for more materials than needed? We don't know.
Review from Larry C.
★★★★★ Great hardworking crew showed up at the crack of dawn and got the job done. Thanks guys
Review from Harold F.
★★★★★ The initial pricing was a bit painful - kind of like dickering at a car lot - but not horrible. The installation team was great, polite, and efficient. When the inevitable issue or two popped up, there was no arguing or trying to convince me something wasn't their fault - the staff fully took care of it immediately. A great looking roof, a great price, and great customer service. What else can I ask for?
Review from Thomas C.
★★★★★ Efficient, hard-working staff, friendly and professional.
Review from Jessica B.
★★★★ The crew had their act together. Most homes here have more guys working on their roofs which take a day and a half. Our roof was done in 8 hours and cleaned up very well.
Review from Terry M.
★ Several windows started to leak after a severe storm, so we consulted with Nu Look since they came highly recommended. The Nu Look rep said we'd receive our windows in 6-8 weeks. We signed a contract on 7/26, but the windows were not installed until 11/30. It took over 18 weeks (127 days) to install our windows. If we had known that we wouldn't receive our windows until after Thanksgiving, then we would have ordered them from a different company.
Review from Phillip K.
★★★★★ 3.5 to 4, as long as you don't do a bait and switch on us. They did a nice job on our roof. I'm happy with it, and I've already paid it off with whatever company they finance it through, but I haven't received the payout yet. A 4.
Review from Bryant A.
★★★★★ I can't tell you enough how happy I have been with my new roof. I get lots of compliments on it. I have referred many people to Nu Look Home Design. I am totally satisfied with them.
Review from Joann J.
★★★★★ From the time I initially contacted them to the time the roof was installed, NLHD kept me abreast of every step. They were efficient, prompt to respond, and the workmanship speaks for itself. We love our new roof and especially the piece of mind that comes with it.
Review from Pedro O.
★★★★★ Absolutely likely to recommend.
Review from Gilbert G.
★★★★ Nu Look Home Design gave us the best price for the installation of the windows. The installation crew was very professional and did a great job. 2 windows were broken when they arrived and we replaced several weeks later. After this second installation we discovered another broken window. The process to replace this window took longer than I would have hoped and each time I called inquiring about this window, I got a voicemail, and often times this voicemail was not returned. It wasn't until I got an actual person on another line that I felt like I was being heard and taken care of properly.
Review from Jeremy G.
★★★★★ Job well done, I have received so many compliments on the finished product.
Review from Christine A.
★★★★★ New Look Home Design was professional, had a great crew, did a great job and cleaned up well. I would recommend them to friends.
Review from Kenneth C.
★★★★★ The installation crew completed the work on time and the new roofing has performed as advertised. The only issue was the post work cleanup where a number of nails were left on the roof of the front porch and building debris including several nails flushed out of one of the downspouts after a heavy rain.
Review from Robert R.
★★★★★ From start to finish the project went smoothly with no glitches
Review from Catherine N.
★ Chose them because they had the lowest quote for the product we needed in our low slope roof. That seems to have been a mistake. The hassles with the salesman who needlessly took hours of our time and the scheduling delay caused by them not sending a simple contract revision in a timely manner were NOT worth the money we (may or may not have) saved.
Review from Kay Q.
★★★★ The quality of the product they use is of high quality. They were professional, but the communication got lost along the line somewhere, but I am pleased with the job they did.
Review from Albert A.
★★★★ Did a good-looking job on the installation, did it in a timely manner and on schedule, and did a good job with cleanup. Good communication with the on-site manager. No complaints so far, although we have not had strong winds or rains to test the work. The new peak vents seem to somewhat work, although the roof fan has come on a few times. I will know better about the quality of work after we have a severe storm.
Review from Bryon B.
★★★★★ The roofing crew was amazing. They were here and completed the job quickly and efficiently. They cleaned up very well.
Review from Maureen R.
★★★★ Other than our HOA issues, which Nu didn't immediately resolve, the workmanship was top notch. The crew who did our work was very professional and they did a great job. Our last HOA coordinator was good but it took 6 months to resolve our HOA issues which was a huge hassle and due in part to communication issues between the HOA coordinators, our HOA, and us.
Review from Richard B.
★★★★★ The house looks great. The quality of materials is excellent, and the installation teams were very efficient and professional. A++
Review from Joel D.
★★★★★ For my roofing needs, best decision I made.
Review from David F.
★★★★★ I cannot say enough good things about them, they are excellent.
Review from Dennis S.
★★★ The salesman does not tell the truth. The warranty is not what you get when paying the company. You will not get in contact with the salesperson even if you call the company.
Review from Tareq N.
★★ While the team of workers did a good job with the roofing work, they left three (3) nail rings in my driveway causing one flat tire and potentially more.
Review from David Q.
★★★★★ Good quality products coupling with professional manner and manpower in handling and executing the project well ahead of schedule and transforming the house into a brand new look. We are very happy to have Nu Look Home Design. Highly recommended in every which way. Keeping up.
Review from Kian C.
★★★★★ The staff was very professional and all the work was done in a timely manner. Everything was left better than when they started, as far as cleanliness.
Review from Kathy M.
★★★ The Nu-Look pricing model is a high in comparison to the local industry standard of around 6800. I am a warranty guy, so that is why they got my business and again I liked the sales guy. The car lot "I'll have to call the manager" on reducing the price process was outed on a few local review sites, and that in fact happened to me with my sale. The numbers we almost identical as well, that is concerning. Personally, I don't like that process at car dealerships and certainly do not like it used on me in other kinds of business transactions. When I go into a car dealership I am prepared to do battle, again something I detest doing. That part of your process just seems so cheap. You lose more sales from the over sell and back and forth then being up front and having modest pricing.
Review from William V.
★★★★★ Everything was fantastic, however at the end of the day, certain electrical connections were not reconnected. It took a lot of logistics to get that restored, so my AC was out and it was a really hot day. My cable connection was out also and someone had to come out and fix it. The days when things were disconnected from the house, it would have been nice to know that was the case and it would have been nice if they could have tried to reconnect it.
Review from Lara E.
★★★★ The office staff and on-site crew were professional and courteous. The work was completed in a timely manner. Every piece of debris and unused material was removed from our property.
Review from Colena T.
★★★★★ They were great. We had one little problem that will get resolved.
Review from Lowell H.
★★★★★ A top notch organization. Professionals at every turn.
Review from Scott R.
★★★★★ Job done on time and within guidlines
Review from Rob F.
★ My wife and I fell for a slick salesman AND BELIEVED WHAT HE TOLD US.
Review from Patrick B.
★ Be careful.
Review from Justin B.
★★★★★ Feel free to use any of my comments below.
Review from Angela M.
★★★★★ Very professional and helpful
Review from Gerry N.
★★★★★ They were fast, high quality and fair price.
Review from Greg D.
★★★★★ NuLook was great to work with and we love our new roof. The installation team was nice and professional, and we loved working with our sales rep!
Review from Megan M.
★★★★★ Very detailed and personable.
Review from Cheyney E.
★★★★★ Great company ! We highly recommend it!
Review from Gustavo C.
★★★★★ The knowledge and professionalism of the site survey team was incomparable. The timeliness and skill of the craftsmen who replaced our roof was superb. The crew shrouded and protected even the shrubbery around the house and clean up was very thorough. I could not be more pleased.
Review from Jim D.
★★★ The finished quality of the work was good, but if you live further out in their territory, you are not going to get the proper amount of people on your crew, or the proper attention from your project manager. Otherwise, the workmanship, the product, and the finished product is good.
Review from Chris H.
★★★★★ They did a great job and in a timely fashion. I am very happy.
Review from Adam W.
★★★ As of now, I am not sure, but if they come and fix the problems then I will be satisfied.
Review from Sharon L.
★★★★★ Nu Look Home Design met all of my expectations. They were friendly and easy to work with. They completed the job on time and the only sign of their recent presence was my new roof (no debris or trash in the yard).
Review from Michael Y.
★★★★★ Thank you for the grate product and grate work
Review from Farhang O.
★★★★★ All persons we had contact contact with from Nu Look treated us well and did a great job.
Review from Bill W.
★★★★★ Quick, efficient and good quality work and materials.
Review from Dave P.
Review from Doug H.
★★★★★ They did a great job and worked even quicker than expected. A great experience.
Review from Jessica J.
★★★★★ I was a very nice experience working with the Nu Look Home Saff. Thank you for a well done job.
Review from Ricardo R.
★★★ I'm not sure if the higher price was worth it. We specifically selected them for a higher quality and guarantees of post-job clean-up. But within days we had to have them return to fix flashing and we continue to find nails in our yard.
Review from Andrew N.
★★★★★ They do good work.
Review from Alan A.
★★★★★ I have already recommended them to two of our friends. They are very good and very efficient. We only had one issue but it was taken care of right away. There was a little bit of damage to our screen door and we still need to hear back from them but that was really my only concern.
Review from Tim J.
★★★★★ I would like you to call me, I have a big project from my brother.
Review from Babu S.
★★★★★ Excellent job with the roofing & gutters. Price was fair and thus far there have been no problems with the work.
Review from Ron S.
★★★★★ I thought Nu Look Home Design was professional. They actually got the job done in half a day, which was much less time than I thought it was going to take. They were courteous and did a nice job!
Review from Paul B.
★★★★ The sales staff and installers were very friendly and professional, however, their customer service is lacking.
Review from Gail K.
★★★★★ Great work provided by the company!!!
Review from Aurora R.
★★★★★ Nu Look Home Design did a great job of working with me and my insurance to get a great job done. I am very satisfied with the quality of the materials and my experience.
Review from Kristin P.
★★★★★ If they resolve everything, I will. We don't know yet if it will be resolved.
Review from Margaret N.
★★★★★ I was impressed with the workmanship and the organization of the people that came to install the roof.
Review from Tom M.
★★★★★ I felt that Nu Look Home Design did a great job of working with my insurance and myself to get the job done.
Review from Kristin P.
★ Great workmanship, fast and professional installation of roof and windows. The scheduling was a complete disaster. It turned in to a 5 month project.
Review from Justin J.
★★★★★ From start to finish, the salesperson as well as the installers were definitely professional and courteous. The only dislike I had was with waiting three months to install a sliding door. However, besides that, I would definitely recommend this company. The salesperson was not only knowledgeable and experienced, but he informed me what door was more efficient in saving energy.
Review from Samuel O.
★★★★★ Nu Look Home Design did a great job.
Review from Clifton B.
★★★★★ They gave excellent service.
Review from Jamie R.