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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.At Nu Look Home Design, we stand behind the quality of our work, and we’re not satisfied unless you are. This is why you pay nothing until the job is done and done right.

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We have served thousands of satisfied homeowners, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

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★★★★★ They did excellent work for us and we are very pleased.
Review from Arthur T.
★★★★★ They made it easy, convenient, had a quick follow up and scheduling and the product is beautiful.
Review from Dion A.
★★★ I am not as thrilled about it as I was when I first heard about it and how it came out.
Review from Jacqualyn P.
★★★★★ I was extremely satisfied with the project done by Nu Look Home Design. They acknowledged my needs and the members took care of my wants. They were knowledgable and professional regarding the project.
Review from Barbara W.
★★★★★ Nu Look has installed 5 roofs for me and I am pleased with their installation process. They have been a pleasure to work with every time.
★★★★★ The work was well done and professionally.
★★★ Richard was great but it took forever to get the jobs scheduled. My daughter got a new roof and windows and I got a new roof. There were so many problems and so much confusion. I had to point out to the company that a previous contract was for less money that the final contract. They did honor the first contract. The roof was supposed to be black but it is gray. That is not a problem as I like the gray but... The windows put in at my daughter's house are nice but one of the workers damaged the walls around the window and plastered over the problems, it looks like with his hands, leaving a big mess I had to sand down, repair, and repaint. The office kept calling me when they should have been calling my daughter about her house and I had to give them her number more than once. The workmen doing the roof were polite, worked nonstop, did a great job, and cleaned up very well. The window guys at my daughter's house did an excellent job except for the plaster issue. The follow up by Chris was good. Had I noticed the plaster job at my daughter's house when he called, I would have pointed it out to him.
Review from Lori L.
★★★★★ From my very first contact with NU LOOK, it was obvious that I was dealing with a reputable organization. This was confirmed as the days passed. the work was begun, as the work progressed, and the finished product was seen. Everyone involved with whom there was contact, whether on the site or by phone represented the company in a way that substantiated my initial assessment.
Review from Fran S.
★★★★★ There were no issues. Gabriel was wonderful and answered all my questions. I am going to get my windows replaced soon.
Review from Yvonne D.
★★★★★ The new roof looked great and the worksite was clean at the end of the project. All work was done on time and in one day, as specified by the salesman and project coordinator.
Review from Dick D.
★★★★★ ok
Review from Hiep N.
★★★★★ Everything was done totally professional, from the initial sales meeting to the final follow-up!
Review from John B.
★★★★★ Todd and Sean were absolutely professional, amazing, polite, well educated, and well versed in this specialty.
Review from Maryann M.
★★★★★ They worked with me, had a good price, and were quick.
Review from Daniel F.
★★★★★ Very happy with the new roof and gutters. All of Nu Look Home Design’s employees were professional and attentive.
Review from Emily F.
★ Sorry, but I would not recommend this company.
Review from Erica W.
★★★★★ They were timely, effective, and accommodating!
Review from Thomas L.
★ NuLook cancelled 3 times in our original phone appointment. They lost the "record" of the second, but I have proof. Upon finally booking them and giving them a chance, it took them November - January to receive approval from the HOA. I, the customer, was the one who called the HOA asking for the approval and seeking after the approval to move everything forward. I, the customer, had to be the one to forward information from NuLook to the HOA and then from the HOA to NuLook multiple times even though I was promised that this was to be taken care of by NuLook. NuLook of course blamed the HOA. The icing on the cake was that the crew broke the back door to the property. I called the site manager right away, and he said it would be taken care of by the afternoon upon completion of the roof. I drove an hour out to sign the paper of the roof completion, but upon arrival, the gate was NOT repaired or replaced. In fact, the crew members claimed it had ALREADY been broken when I have proof from previous, the tenant, AND the conversation from the crew manager. I refused to sign the paper until the job was completed the NEXT day. Terrible customer service, terrible time management, terrible communication.
Review from Stephanie G.
★★★★★ Top quality service!
Review from Analise F.
★★★★★ In one week I basically had a new house.
Review from Andrew H.
★★★★★ I'm satisfied with the service.
Review from John F.
★★★★★ The guys are really great from the business to picking up nails. They were wonderful. I am going to tell everyone about them. It was raining and nothing was wrong. I saw them over the road, and they were amazing with explaining the deals. I didn't think we needed a roof. But, they were amazing. For the future, I would call them again.
Review from Renee S.
★★★★★ They did a great job! Their project manager, Henrrey Hong, was great!
Review from Adir A.
★★★★★ They did a good job. They showed up on time and cleaned up. I was really happy.
Review from Rick D.
★★★★★ They explained everything to me, came on schedule, and cleaned beautifully. I haven't had storms, but so far everything seemed fine. I was satisfied with how they negotiated with the insurance company.
Review from Shirley H.
★★★★★ They were fantastic.
Review from Laura P.
★★★★★ Lonell Murphy is a consummate sales professional. There were other Nu Look competitors. However, I selected Nu Look based on his price proposal and his excellent knowledge of the projects and presentation skills. Henrrey Hong is an outstanding project manager. His crews were on time and did a great job on the roof and windows. Also the crew performed an incredible cleanup job. It was best.
Review from William W.
★★★★★ Nu Look Home Design was excellent with my roof installation. I would definitely use them again for home services.
Review from Adriana Z.
★★★★★ Process was quick and painless.
Review from Melissa M.
★★★★★ NU Look was very professional and efficient.
Review from Matt C.
★★★★★ They did a very efficient job.
Review from George D.
★★★★★ Although it has only been a short time since the roof and gutter system I purchased has been installed, the quality of the work and responsiveness of the company met, and in some cases, exceeded my expectations. Yes, the price is what I would consider above average. In this tone, however, you are getting an above average experience. Roof tear off and installation in ~10 hours and gutter tear off and installation in ~3 hours with excellent craftsmanship, good communication throughout, and a project manager that stopped by each day, in person, to make sure everything was being taken care of. I would choose NuLook again.
Review from Brandon F.
★★★★★ I was very pleased. I had never heard of them before the initial knock on my door. I was reluctant at first given I am still waiting for the final payment for the insurance. It was not a lot out of pocket which was good. I had no complaints and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a roof.
Review from Kory B.
★★★★★ Excellent experience. All personnel were professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. Crews were meticulous in their install and cleanup. We could not find any trash or items left behind. 1 day install was unbelievable for 34 squares.
Review from David G.
★★★★★ I am very satisfied with the work and quality as well.
Review from Rohan I.
★★★★★ I have to say my system looks great on my roof. The guys were very professional in everything they did. It was done on time and on schedule, in fact they completed the project at a real quick pace. I recommend George's team any day. This portion may just be the timing of me getting my system done but you definitely have to followup when the system is complete, dealing with the utility co. installing the meter was a pain. but the office failed to pass on my info when nobody was available to talk to me but again they may have been extremely busy with installs prior to 12/31/19. All in all, I would definitely recommend again and they will do my upgrades if need be.
Review from Robert S.
★★★★★ The crew was exceptional.
Review from John M.
★★★ I was very happy with the timeliness, work, and craftsmanship of the roof. I was promised a half off deal as advertised, and that is not at all what I got.
Review from Ryan E.
★★★★ Be more careful about special requests.
Review from James R.
★★★★★ They were very professional and met all expectations.
Review from Jesse L.
★★★★★ NuLook was worth the extra money. They are experts, professional, and very responsive.
Review from Kathleen E.
★★★★★ I highly recommend already this company because I have heard of other horrible companies that are out there.. This was a great experience for me all in all.
Review from Richard S.
★ I think the sales pitch of using satellite technology to acutely measure the roof lines, angles, etc. was misseading in our case. It was presented as an actual satellite image would be taken of our rood and we even had to wait a couple of days for this to be scheduled. It turns out they just looked up our house on Google maps and downloaded a picture of the house. I don't know how this could give them the "acurate" measurement we were give to believe would be obtained. Were we charged for more materials than needed? We don't know.
Review from Larry C.
★★★★★ Great hardworking crew showed up at the crack of dawn and got the job done. Thanks guys
Review from Harold F.
★★★★★ The initial pricing was a bit painful - kind of like dickering at a car lot - but not horrible. The installation team was great, polite, and efficient. When the inevitable issue or two popped up, there was no arguing or trying to convince me something wasn't their fault - the staff fully took care of it immediately. A great looking roof, a great price, and great customer service. What else can I ask for?
Review from Thomas C.
★★★★★ Efficient, hard-working staff, friendly and professional.
Review from Jessica B.
★★★★★ It was three months from order to install. But it was worth it. My doors are air tight, no drafts. They look fabulous! Everything about them is perfect right down to the hardware. This is not Home Depot grade product. Custom made. Superb quality. You definitely get what you pay for.
Review from Diane A.
★★★★★ totally professional staff and the project manager stayed constantly in touch
Review from Brad H.
★★★★ The crew had their act together. Most homes here have more guys working on their roofs which take a day and a half. Our roof was done in 8 hours and cleaned up very well.
Review from Terry M.
★ I want people to know to be careful with this company. When they sell you something they turn around and do something else. If my issues aren't resolved I'll rectify them myself.
Review from Devinka B.
★★★★★ They were professional and patient.
Review from Ayobami O.
★★★★★ The original salesperson that came to our home went above and beyond. There was no pressure, which made us feel comfortable about giving our business to Nu Look Home Design.
Review from Jodie C.
★★★★★ Nu Look delivered what they promised and then some. Very happy with the process.
Review from Michael M.
★★★ I was told on installation day that I didn't have to pay upfront since I financed everything. I was then called and told I owed $700 for materials. I was originally told that since financed everything anything else would be put on to the financing amount.
Review from Richard T.
★★★ Everything was done well, but the communication and getting the proper information into the contract was the problem.
Review from Owen T.
★★★★★ John Thompson was very professional and detailed.
Review from Marilyn G.
★★★★★ I was most satisfied with Nu Look Home Design's communication because it was very good. I got emails, phone calls, and I knew exactly what was happening. The installation crew was well organized, did the job quickly, and cleaned up. It was great.
Review from Danyra S.
★★★★★ If had to get more windows, I would definitely use Nu Look Home Design.
Review from Heidi W.
★ Several windows started to leak after a severe storm, so we consulted with Nu Look since they came highly recommended. The Nu Look rep said we'd receive our windows in 6-8 weeks. We signed a contract on 7/26, but the windows were not installed until 11/30. It took over 18 weeks (127 days) to install our windows. If we had known that we wouldn't receive our windows until after Thanksgiving, then we would have ordered them from a different company.
Review from Phillip K.
★★★★★ The crew did a fabulous job in a timely fashion. They worked hard and did a good job cleaning up.
Review from Kenneth W.
★★★★★ 3.5 to 4, as long as you don't do a bait and switch on us. They did a nice job on our roof. I'm happy with it, and I've already paid it off with whatever company they finance it through, but I haven't received the payout yet. A 4.
Review from Bryant A.
★★★★★ very satisfied with the new roof, and project manager kept me informed of everything that was going on and addressed all my concerns.
Review from Patricia O.
★★★★★ The only issue I had with NuLook was the old, '...this offer is only good until...'. This is a strong arm hard sell technique I don't care for. We did indeed let that offer expire as we garnered other estimates. We went with NuLook for two reasons; Their product and warranty are solid. And their financing (at least for us with our credit rating) was the best in the industry.
Review from Michael D.
★★★★★ I can't tell you enough how happy I have been with my new roof. I get lots of compliments on it. I have referred many people to Nu Look Home Design. I am totally satisfied with them.
Review from Joann J.
★★★★★ Good communication from the company throughout - very happy with the end result. The crew took care to keep our pool clean and at the end of the job, the surrounding of the house was cleaner than when they started. Overall, a great job for a fair price. Happy to recommend!
Review from Jamie G.
★★★★★ They did everything in a professional manner. We are extremely pleased with them.
Review from Dave D.
★★ 1. Didn’t use proper size plywood where patches were made to match the thickness of planks. 2. Didn’t use proper screws to secure plywood to metal rafter. I had to supply the subcontractors with the correct screws.3. No one measure the thickness of the plank when I brought it to their attention. Project manager pushed it to his boss and replied they were not going to fix it. I provide pictures I had to take of the measurements. Me the home owner had to prove this. 3. Gutters lean forward and drip edge not level, has peaks as it was not nailed down correctly. The crew was two guy and one of them told me in a conversation that he was a painter. Showed up in a stripped down Thompson Creek decals on their truck. I know because that’s the company that did my siding and windows.
Review from Justin D.
★★★★★ From the time I initially contacted them to the time the roof was installed, NLHD kept me abreast of every step. They were efficient, prompt to respond, and the workmanship speaks for itself. We love our new roof and especially the piece of mind that comes with it.
Review from Pedro O.
★★★★★ The salesmen and project managers are fantastic, but the crew should be a little safer.
Review from Lisa T.
★★★★★ I was pleased with the professionalism and the work they did. I was on the roof when they were working and it was superb.
Review from Deborah O.
★★★★★ I would highly recommend this company. Exceeded expectations. Excellent communication at each step of the process and great work done in record time!! They finished my roof just in time to protect us from Hurricane winds the next day!!!
Review from Wanda C.
★★★★★ They were a pleasure to deal with!
Review from Larry N.
★★★★ I was most satisfied with Nu Look Home Design's timeliness and adherence to the schedule.
Review from David R.
★★★★★ I would highly recommend them for a roofing job.
Review from Jeffrey S.
★★★★★ I was totally satisfied with them, they were efficient and everything went smoothly.
Review from Patricia P.
★★★★★ Absolutely likely to recommend.
Review from Gilbert G.
★ They do not stick to what they say. They also do not have qualified workers to do the job. They do crappy work.
Review from William D.
★★★ The communication was great but they need to specify what kind of loans they will work with, and my roof is still leaking and they can't seem to find a way to fix it.
Review from Jillian F.
★★★★ Nu Look Home Design gave us the best price for the installation of the windows. The installation crew was very professional and did a great job. 2 windows were broken when they arrived and we replaced several weeks later. After this second installation we discovered another broken window. The process to replace this window took longer than I would have hoped and each time I called inquiring about this window, I got a voicemail, and often times this voicemail was not returned. It wasn't until I got an actual person on another line that I felt like I was being heard and taken care of properly.
Review from Jeremy G.
★★★★★ My house looks beautiful. Nu Look Home Design did the roof and the windows.
Review from Ruth W.
★★★★★ Job well done, I have received so many compliments on the finished product.
Review from Christine A.
★★★★★ Very efficient, knowledgeable and professional.
Review from Amy G.
★ Run, don't walk away from Nu Look. I contracted them to do a partial repair of my siding that was damaged by a neighbor's house catching on fire. Initial meetings were great, and the Salesman assured me that a partial repair would be no problem, matching materials would be available, and the repair could be completed quickly. As it turns out, the salesman was not technically supposed to offer a partial repair, and that materials could not be found at first. Their first attempt to do the installation, they had completely sent the wrong materials. Siding was the wrong size (4.5" instead of 4") and corner posts were completely wrong. I had taken the day off, and they did not realize their mistake until the installation crew showed up to install. It all went downhill from there. For another month or so after that - week after week, all they did was lie to us. Every week, they promised that the correct materials were arriving - when actually the corner posts did not exist and had to be finally custom ordered. If they had simply told the truth and given us honest reasons for the delays, we would not have been so dissatisfied.
Review from Roger W.
★★★★★ New Look Home Design was professional, had a great crew, did a great job and cleaned up well. I would recommend them to friends.
Review from Kenneth C.
★★★★★ The installation crew completed the work on time and the new roofing has performed as advertised. The only issue was the post work cleanup where a number of nails were left on the roof of the front porch and building debris including several nails flushed out of one of the downspouts after a heavy rain.
Review from Robert R.
★★★★★ The first person who came out for the appraisal, to the last person who came to finish the gutters, I was impressed! I'm happy!
Review from Theresa S.
★★★★★ From start to finish the project went smoothly with no glitches
Review from Catherine N.
★★★★★ Philip was very friendly and explained everything the company would do. I called Nu Look on a Friday and he was at my house the next day. Chris came and measured the roof. The shingles were delivered the following Friday and the roof was on the following Monday. All the workers were very nice and did a good job and cleaned up when they were finished. Would definitely recommend Nu Look.
Review from Elizabeth S.
★★★★★ Did a great job!
Review from Marceline S.
★★★★★ We had an unforeseen problem, and they took care of it admirably!
Review from Michael H.
★ Chose them because they had the lowest quote for the product we needed in our low slope roof. That seems to have been a mistake. The hassles with the salesman who needlessly took hours of our time and the scheduling delay caused by them not sending a simple contract revision in a timely manner were NOT worth the money we (may or may not have) saved.
Review from Kay Q.
★★★★ The quality of the product they use is of high quality. They were professional, but the communication got lost along the line somewhere, but I am pleased with the job they did.
Review from Albert A.
★★★ The crew had to come a fix an issue with the original installation. I was told I would get an updated finished bill. I had to call to get it.
Review from Robert T.
★★★★★ Overall I am satisfied with the workmanship from Nu Look Home Design.
Review from John W.
★★★★ Did a good-looking job on the installation, did it in a timely manner and on schedule, and did a good job with cleanup. Good communication with the on-site manager. No complaints so far, although we have not had strong winds or rains to test the work. The new peak vents seem to somewhat work, although the roof fan has come on a few times. I will know better about the quality of work after we have a severe storm.
Review from Bryon B.
★★★ Not unless they finish the job.
Review from Vito P.
★★★★ I have already recommended them to a friend.
Review from Susan Q.
★★★★★ The roofing crew was amazing. They were here and completed the job quickly and efficiently. They cleaned up very well.
Review from Maureen R.
★★★★★ Crew did a great jobThey were polite, professional, fast, clean and did a nice quality job
Review from Thomas H.
★ Once Nu Look finally came, they were efficient about the install. Things were not left clean and we still continue to find nails and other left over materials in our yard. Poor communication all around. I've sent several emails and even texts and would not get a response in a timely fashion. I asked for our light, flag, and house numbers to not be put back on, and they were. Installed our camera again in the wrong spot. Caulking looks very messy. One contractor also asked us to buy supplies! It was a very frustrating experience!
Review from Stephanie B.