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Preparing for Installation


How to Prepare

What to Expect

  • Please ensure the driveway is cleared of any vehicles or other property on the day of material delivery and throughout the entire installation.

  • Please move all personal property at least 5 feet away from the outside perimeter of the home.

  • Please ensure access to electricity is readily available upon installation team’s arrival.

  • Our installation team will arrive between 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM unless otherwise specified.

  • Most materials are delivered one business day (Monday – Friday) prior to the installation date.

    • Window/Door materials typically arrive with the installation team, unless otherwise specified.  

Roofing Projects:

Please make sure to protect any belongings (with a drop cloth or sheet) in the attic and areas beneath any skylights—whether skylights are being replaced or not—from sawdust and debris that could make it into those areas. 

Siding/Trim Projects:

We recommend removing anything hanging inside the home on the exterior walls. The vibration caused by hammering can cause items to fall from walls.


Window/Door Projects

Please move all furniture, window treatments, and personal items at least (3) feet away from windows/doors being replaced.

Please have your alarm service provider remove any alarm components from windows/doors being replaced prior to the installation date.

During window/door installations only, we require that an adult (18 years or older) be present.



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