Why Pair Roofing and Solar?
Federal Tax Credits
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Roofing and Solar Panels Make a Perfect Match

Roofing & Solar Columbia MD
Roofing and solar go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Solar is hot right now for good reason. With an enormously growing interest in solar energy among homeowners across the country comes a slew of questions, such as:

  • Why shouldn’t you install solar panels on an old roof?
  • How do solar panels and roofing impact one another?
  • Is it best to have solar panels and a new roof installed at the same time?

Allow Nu Look to be your guide. We’ve helped countless homeowners all across the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Northern Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

We’re here to answer all your burning questions about roofing and solar and explain the benefits of having these two important home investments installed at the same time.

Better Life Expectancy for Both Solar Panels and Roofing

If you place a new solar panel system atop an old roof, at some point you’re going to need to remove the panels to have a roof replacement installed. That sounds like a process you don’t want to deal with. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Did you know that both a new roof and a new solar panel system are expected to last around 30 years? Installed together, you’ll greatly maximize each of their life expectancies.

Federal Tax Credits Available

You’re probably aware that there are federal tax credits available for solar panels, but did you know that there are also tax credits available for roof replacements that are installed to support a solar panel installation? That’s right—if you add solar panels to your roof replacement project, you could be eligible for additional tax benefits for your new roof on top of the tax credits for the solar panels. Check with your tax professional for eligibility details.

Why Turn to Nu Look?

Unlike most solar panel installers and roofing contractors who only offer one or the other, Nu Look is a roofing company with solar expertise. We can perform an expert roof replacement and install solar panels at your home at the same time, allowing you to make a lasting investment in your home that’ll also reduce your carbon footprint. We also provide strong warranties for and service both products, giving you one convenient point of contact should your new roof or solar panels ever need service.

To learn more about the benefits of pairing your roof replacement with solar panel installation or to schedule a consultation at your home, get in touch with Nu Look today.

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