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Self-Paying vs. Using Insurance: Which Is Right for You?

Insurance vs. Financing Columbia MD

When replacing the roof on your Mid-Atlantic home, there are two routes you can take to pay for it: self-paying through financing or cash or filing an insurance claim. When a roof has suffered damage, it may qualify for an insurance claim—but what sort of damage does insurance cover? And how does that process work? Let Nu Look be your guide. As the premier roofing company serving Maryland, Northern Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, we’ve helped countless homeowners determine the best route to achieve the new roof of their dreams.

What Does Insurance Cover?

Many homeowners misunderstand the type of damage an insurance company will cover. A tree falling on your roof isn’t the only sort of damage that could qualify your roof replacement for insurance coverage. There are lots of other, less obvious kinds of damage that insurance companies will cover that aren’t evident until you actually get up on the roof.

For instance, shingles have what’s called a “bond-to-bond” seal which secures the shingles to the ones beneath them. Weather events can (and often do) blow through, breaking that seal and putting creases in your shingles, compromising their integrity. This type of damage can’t be seen from the ground, but the shingles are indeed damaged and may qualify for coverage under common insurance policies.

How Can Nu Look Help?

So how do you determine if your roof has sustained damage that your insurance company will cover? It’s simple—call Nu Look for a roof inspection. At Nu Look, we have a team of inspectors who are properly trained to pinpoint damage caused by weather events. Whereas most roofing contractors will perform a simple inspection, Nu Look’s trained professionals will provide a comprehensive inspection that you can use to get the most out of your insurance claim, should you choose to file one. We’ll even give you a tablet to view our roof inspector completing the inspection in real-time with the use of a GoPro. Our insurance expert will provide you with a detailed report and photos so you know exactly what was found. If you decide to go through your homeowner’s policy, our insurance expert will work directly with your insurance adjuster to get the most possible coverage. Based on our reports, many homeowners are able to get their roof replaced for just the cost of their deductible.

After receiving the results of your inspection, the choice is yours whether to file an insurance claim or self-pay for your roof replacement with cash or through financing. But as long as you have Nu Look on your side, you can trust that you’ve explored all your options and can make an informed decision about which route is right for you.

To learn more about our roof replacement services or to get more information about insurance claims or financing, contact us today. We’re ready and waiting to take your call!


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