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Top 7 Roof Replacement Materials & Options

What are the most common types of roofing materials

Your roof is one of the most essential elements of your house. Not only does it keep you, your family, and your belongings safe from harsh weather, it also contributes significantly to the curb appeal of your home and has a significant impact on its resale value.

Having the right roofer in your corner and choosing the correct materials for your roof is therefore one of the most important decisions you can make as a homeowner. Unfortunately, the choices are nowhere near as clear-cut as most of us would hope.

In the following article, we’ll help you make the most of your roof replacement project by discussing the 7 most commonly used types of roofing materials. Read on.

What are the most common types of roofing materials?

Roofs come in many different types, shapes, and styles. Naturally, this also means they’re made using a variety of different materials. Choosing the right materials requires you to consider appearance, cost, longevity, and potential structural problems.

Here are the 7 most popular roofing materials:

  • Asphalt composite shingles are the material of choice for most American homes. They look great, come with 20-30 year warranties, and make replacing damaged shingles easy. They’re also incredibly durable, with individual shingles easily lasting 12-30 years.
  • Clay tiles are an excellent roofing material for hot or salty climates, making them the go-to choice in desert or southern coastal regions. They’re extremely long lasting, but tend to cost significantly more than other roofing materials.
  • Concrete tiles have many of the same advantages clay tiles do, but they cost less and have increased customizability. It’s one of the heaviest materials around, so make sure your roof is able to withstand the weight if you opt for this material.
  • Metal shingles or shakes are typically made out of aluminum or steel that has been stamped and covered with either mineral granules or a baked-on coating. Since they can be fabricated to resemble other shingle types, metal shingles are highly customizable.
  • Wood shingles or shakes are considered to be one of the most attractive roofing materials available. However, they aren’t especially long-lived or economical. This makes them a suboptimal choice in areas that get lots of moisture or wildfires.
  • Slate roofs may be the best roofing material out there. They look gorgeous and can last hundreds of years. However, these advantages come at a price. Slate is one of the most expensive materials and can only be installed by qualified professionals.
  • Rolled roofing consists of long rolls of asphalt or mineral-imbued material covered with mineral granules. This thin roofing material offers a quick, convenient, and affordable way to cover a sloped roof.

What is the most durable roofing material?

Without a doubt, asphalt shingles offer the best balance of durability vs cost of all roofing materials. Traditional 3-tab asphalt shingles remain the preferred choice among homeowners who are looking for economical and easy-to-install roofing materials that will stand the test of time.

That being said, architectural asphalt shingles are growing in popularity because they provide both unparalleled customizability and enhanced protection against water penetration and harsh weather. Architectural shingles are also referred to as laminated shingles.

What is the most durable roofing materialWhere can I hire a reputable Columbia, MD roofer?

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